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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 days to christmas.

my big face for you to see. in case you missed it. XD

havent been blogging since i've been back.

procrastination laaahh. at home what also dowana do. at home got chores to do laah. lol.


these are few shots of things i've done for the pass few days when i came back.

17th dec.

went out with joes to shop around before heading to xian's place.

darling xian and sann's 20th birthday steamboat.

18th dec.

cousin Christopher's wedding dinner. i didn't know he's my cousin till daddy say we're same level. Christopher's my 2nd cousin.
my dad and Christopher's dad are cousins. which makes him my 2nd cousin. also met cousin Karen and Eddie. siblings to Christopher. but din manage to take photos. got also in their camera. ><

daddy also say he has alot of cousin and that was one of those we meet. funny how the family is soo huge. yet we only meet when grandma's here or once a year or even better. none. sob. it's complicated that we dont know how to address them. how embarrassing.


outfit of the day. after makeup.
SS-ing while waiting for the others.

the three of us in the wedding dinner.

19th dec.

attended love me youth camp's reunion day. haven seen dozen of them since charity banquet and it's great seeing them again. reminds me alot about camp days.

kok leong, me and soo ling.
obviously. i dont have the latest camp shirt. so i wore last year's shirt. hehe.

group photo.

it was mommy's birthday too!.
the birthday cake. I didnt forget this time. but daddy, sis and bro sorta forgotten till i reminded them. rawr. haha. love lots!.

bro and i went for a haircut. mommy too. but different salon. cuz mom thought we dint wanna cut edi. but it was raining then. so i did a lil theory of mine.

raining. less people will go to the salon.

thus decided to try my luck. haha. really don't needa wait for the usual que.

after that we headed to plaza crown hotel for Christopher's wedding dinner.
met tons of DJ teachers there. why?

did i mention. Christopher's mom is pn. Chuah Eng Hoe? erm. retired teacher.
yes we're related.

met Michelle Tew at the dinner.
back to the story. almost half the dj teachers were there. including pn. Betty Wong and pn Lee Mei Leng.

bro's class teacher was there too. laughoutloud.

the reception in the hotel.
more photos up on facebook. (:

21st dec.

movie with boyf.

princess and the frog. LOVES!.

did a lil shopping there.

his new watch and mine. (:

my souvenir from Australia. hehe. DOLPHY. (:

i miss my girls. ):

nuf said.

and a

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