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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

another first.

super soon kann? :D

it's a green post!. you should know what it's about. HINT: look at TICK TOCK!. (:

*he wont get to read this yet thou. AHAHAAH.. tooo baddd. :p *
super uglily funny. lol!.

the date was 1st december 2008. the place was KLCC. why there? cuz i was working in uh. i forgotten the hotel's name. eheh. under KMDC.

it was after working hours. so Mel, her boyf, Ron and i went to klcc after free cocktail drinks in-conjunction with christmas from the hotel.
we were at 'the apartment' then he called. ask if i wanna go for a movie. so yea. he came from his hostel to KLCC to meet me.
the movie was twilight.

a year has passed and there's lotsa ups and down in between but we got thru it. there's arguments and tears, smiles and happiness and so on.

he was the first guy i went on countless dates with. *blush*

he takes photos when i'm trying to eat..

and then asks me to pose for it.

he makes me smile.

he too brings out the cheeky side of me. *shy*

and. he takes ugly photos of me.. *box you* HAHAH.

and for my birthday.
one of this.

and 18 of this. with the help of my best friends here.
*of course its red then laaa*
how sweet.

not forgetting scotty and horney.
family reunited!. L-R: horney, peewee and scotty!.

still. at the end of the day. he's there all most of the time. :P
i hate you but i love you. hehe..

happy 1st anniversary.
have fun in Australia.

note: the photos are taken last weekend when i was back. that was my thursday and friday.

and about the title. another 1st.
it's the 1st of december. our 1st anniversary. my 1st EVER anniversary. (:

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