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Monday, March 30, 2009

graves and bikes

it's ching ming next week. but but. i visited great grandma yesterday. (: went to taiping with daddy and chea. out from my square rectangle room for a day. uber fun. they picked me up from kampar on the way.

some people are just such a turnoff. great grandma's fencing was stolen.
eh hello. not like you cant find a job or what so ever. it's a grave laa respect abit. jeez.

sunrays. beauty. (:

more sunrays.

the buddha statue by the waterfall by the hill.

we I didnt know it was nomination day for bukit gantang. which is very very near taiping. only realised when we pass the toll cuz the line for the cash lane was exceptionally longg... yay to touch n' go.
super alot of people and roads are blocked, police are on the main road, flags, supporters, cars, and and BIKES!.


it's pretty obvious the one on the left is the new one right.?

super lucky to capture this.

the latest bike!. haha. i dun think there's a chance to see any of this at where i am now.

just incase you miss my face.

toodles!. (:

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