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Sunday, March 8, 2009

20 cents.

finally. i was able to come back. was stuck in kampar for A MONTH. due to midterms. and also monday's holiday. (:


there's still 3 assignments due and 3 midterms this week.
all the midterms are on saturdays. me no likey.

okay enough bout the not so nice news.

my parents's belated birthday dinners. *dad insist to wait for me* hehe.
sooo. we used the rm200 voucher from du viet from dad's company dinner lucky draw.
the dinner's occasion was renamed.
'WOMEN'S DAY DINNER' since grandma's here, aunt doris and pamelyn came along.

the deco on the stairways. made out of wooden bowls. very cool.

lanterns as you can see.

us cousins. (:

pamie and i. abit dark i know.

no photos on the meal cuz its in the camera and i duno where it is.
overall. the meal was quite good. it's vietnamese style. so raw food. different flavours.
the best part was desert!. durian pancake. AWESOME. loves lot.
almost forgotten bout my title. 20 cents. dad ended up paying extra 20cents only. so that meal in other words. = 20 cents.!.

oh. and this is what happen to my foot. hee.

i'm fine already. nothing serious.. can walk. cannot jump yet and of course cannot run YET.
it's abit silly on how it happened.

i'm really really grateful that i have this group of awesome friends. those who texted, called, and helped. thank you all very very much.

especially grace and john. thanks for driving me around.
winnee for the metal hit (tit da) oil.
shirley, chia hui, xi shun for texting and calling.
yee keat for insisting to visit.
felicia. for giving me a hand up and down the stairs.
my classmates!.
and the list goes on and on..

anyhow. i know i've said this a lot of times and some even threaten to do things if i say again.. but haha. i'm still gonna post. post =/= say. hehe.
sorry have to mafan you all. and THANK YOU VERY MUCH. *big big hug* (:


pOT@tO said...

no more MAFAN okay....
is juz a normal help...
cuz no parents or relatives over here..
friends are vr "useful" at tis moment...
so next time dun hesitate to call me for anything yea...

Davidzai~ said...

so terrible..
i din notice at all..
don walk toO much...
ask them to help u..
take care wei..~

yinli said...

potato:~ thank you huney. (: mwah!.

david:~ i'm much better already now. thanks. (: