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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

can you feel the love..

keep em coming.. :D

note: there's lotsa lotsa photos in this post.

it's my babe's 21st birthday!!. happy uhm now belated birthday love!. :D
ps: click on read more. there's a surprise.

fav shot of the night. (:

a small dinner together with a few of the foundation mates. 
by small i mean. really small. cuz everyone's busy. 
sorry babe. wanted to get everyone together that day.
but we still had fun didnt we? :D

the guys.

the girls. loves.

OOPS. wrong person. :P 
i still love you. hehe.

birthday kiss. *muax

babe soooo cute. 

she does silly stuffs like this.. LOL.

we sama sama pigi clubbing. HEHEHE.

us during Shuei Lin's birthday dinner.
much love. hehe.
remind me so much about our foundation days.

ganas lah you. LOL.

how we try to get away from being dirty.

our best shot during cny reunion dinner. hehe. 

the 40 hours marathon. LOL. memories weih.

and this. HAHA. mad sampat weih.

love love this one. lazy to look for the original. so i stole from her. HEHE.

our 1st time clubbing together in SHUTTER. 
funny much. hahaa. 

and the trip to cameron. super love it. 

us during one of the outings during foundation. 

next few photos is a SURPRISE. :D
as you. shouldn't be expecting to see these. hehe

the girls. this is ancient. VERY VERY ancient. 

last day of exam kan? 

HAHAH. look at us then and now. LOL. 
soo young. 

we've been thru so much. thick and thin all together. glad we met and became best friends. :D
love you lots babe.

happy 21st birthday. 
i know you had a blast. 

love you!. 

1 comment:

Grace said...

awww~ shoooooo sweet ler~
thanks much much babe~ such a surprise.. recall many memories of us~
i love u~!! ♥