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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Festival of the Mind '10 + teaser photo of Clinique Star Tour

it was a sunday morning. I.. of all people. unbelievably woke up at 8AM. to attend free talks in uni in conjunction with Festival of the Mind '10, organized by Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement.

of course there were few of my classmates there too. they were like 'what are you doing here?'
i surprise everyone sometimes.  :P 

ze goodie bag. 
with ONE. cap. 
which added to my 37647818 caps. 
okay laaah not that many. 
i have like uhm. 4 caps in my room and i wore NONE before. 
lelong siapa mau?? (:

felicia and smallknow.
we take pictures kejap. still early. 

smallknow and yours trully. 
we were EARLY so its empty.

some even bought their notes to study while waiting.
impressed much.

some brought their families along.

1st talk: Dare to Dream.

Inspirational Speaker, Adventure Consultant, Author.
he's been to Mt. Everest, North Pole, South Pole, 7 Summits, cycling Singapore-Beijing, World Longest Journey on Skates.. FTW!!. 

he even has his own wiki page!

his talk was inspirational and i didnt at all fell asleep. 
it was 9.30am then. and i only had 2 hours of sleep.. hehee..
he dared us to follow our dreams and i think i should. (:

a photo with the speaker himself. 

2nd talk: Love Your Brain & Your Life will be Beautiful

Mr SK Tan, 
Founder of Wonder Tree.

do you know that 70% of us has been drinking the wrong water all this while??

surprised eih. lol. yup. learnt alot from him too.
and also. learnt how to take care of my brain. (:

there's softskill points for this talk thus look at the crowd!!
on the right.

on the left.

my main purpose of being there wasn't for softskill laah. 
i dont even attend softskills.

3rd talk: Career and Personality Profiles.

by the oh so famous feng shui master.:

apparently i wasn't that jakun. :P i know who he is. HEHE. go google if you don't know him.

he was talking about bazi profiling. some ancient chinese way of calculating your fortune and luck.
taught us how to read faces. LOL. learnt a lil bit here and there. 


it was beneficiary!. learnt alot. sacrifice my beauty sleep for something good. why not? (: 

to end this post:

the sky that afternoon. shoo pretty!!.  

for more photos on this click HERE.

now now. teaser of 
Clinique Star Tour

come back for moreeee. (:

next up: Clinique Star Tour '10

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