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Saturday, July 17, 2010

July: extreme pool session and birthday

it's the month of 

see closely there's Grace (hanzhi)'s birthday on the calender. which is the same date as Raymond. 
BUT this pose is gonna be about him. come back again from Grace's post.  its gonna be filled with lotsa love. :P 

Ballie was with us tooo. while we hung out. 
what a beauty. (:

we were playing pool. WHILE trying to surprise Raymond.
acting is soooooo hard. gosh.

Raymond with his.. 
constipation look. LOL. 

my babe, Winnee.
shooo focused. 

me. main main there. hahaa. 

requires sooo much concentration and its very tiring. brain juice = 0% after that.

took us a very very long time to con him to where the others were. 
gosh. too smart laa some people. wtf. haha. 

the cake. chocolate banana. 
uhm. hahaha. comparable to secret recipe. I THINK.


Weilead's stone face.

zheying's contipation look? lol.

Ting's evil look.

after surprise birthday cake, went back to pool session.
this officially broke the records. pool session till 6am. wtf. haha. 
total of 6 hours of pool. can die. 

after that. straight up to McD in Medan Gopeng for bfast. 

the three of us. 

winnee and i. loves.

lastly. to end the day. my fav pic of 3 of us. lol.

day 2: the MARKETERS cooked up one helluva meal for Raymond. dropped off some at Winnee's as she was working. that silly girls was too touched by the delivery prepared by the marketers and she teared. i was invited later cuz there was way too much food. entertainment was poker. :D
drinking session was called off due to the SUPER DUPER HEAVY RAIN. boohh. 

day 3: drinking session. gosh. i haven't been drinking for sometime thus it wasn't that fun. hahaa. it was more like downing the birthday boy. lol. operation TIE POLE. failed miserably. HAHA. 

oh did i mention, after pool and bfast was brunch at ipoh.
total of almost 48 hours awake.

oh well. it's was a great one right? :D 


NEXT UP: Grace's Birthday.

do come back!. (:

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