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Friday, May 23, 2008


missed me?
i'm back.
for the weekends.

wanna know how i'm doing in kampar betul tak?
if you do not want to know.
then just click on the 'x' button on the top right corner.
i'll still be blogging bout it anyway.

went kampar on wednesday.
to describe it all


i had to clean my own room.
luckily got my parent's help. *thank you banyak banyak*
after that i spent most of the time over at grace's or winnee's with KC.

since my phone has no signal in my room, KC and i communicates by shouting from our windows since our rooms is just behind my place.
we both even thought of using strings, cans and bells so that we wont disturb the other people there.
how thoughtful. (:

i consider myself having fun there. it's better to hang out with those people. instead of hangging myself in the room.
oh and one more thing. there's no internet! ):

my housemates are nice. but they're all my juniors. haha.
pity them sometimes cuz i'm always going out for meals and they're most of the time having maggi. hee.

ron came up yesterday to visit us. so he sent me home today. thank you..
i dint really planned to come home but because of dental i have to.

i need sleep. am damn friggin tired after 4 hours of sleep.
stayed over at winnee's so that they dont hav to pick me up in the morning.
ended up kena conned by ron.
say leaving at 5.30 am but only left kampar at 12noon.
so.. we ended up chor di, poker and movie till 4AM.
got woken up at 8am. all your fault laa ron!.
disturbing betul.

so basically that's all. i'll upload photos of my room soon.

you can come visit me. (:
it's sooo lifeless there that at 11pm, people are sitting outside their house chatting.
signing out.

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