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Monday, May 12, 2008

tuning to: leaving on the jet plane - jewel

this totally reminds me that i'm leaving. damn!. just that i'm not leaving ON A JET PLANE. i'm leaving IN A CAR or maybe BUS. or worst still. KTM.

jeng jeng jeng..

omg laa. i haven got alot of things yet. one more week to do so. dang. sooo. i hav tuesday and friday taken up. so. other days are open. who's up? haha.

i'm so gonna miss alot of things here.

no dance performance for me. ): but i've got my video. a super alot mistake one. heee.

no more chilling saturday. y is sat soo chilling? cuz there's no need of me to do dishes! woohoo. n no toilets to wash.

last saturday i went shopping wid dad n mom. sis came later when dad left. that was fun laa. at first mom say to go home a while then off to sogo. i gave her 'the eye' and big huge smile plastered over my face.


okay after this go home a while. then go sogo wan anot?
yes yes yes!. *big huge smile*
but you can anot? i no problem wann.
i was thinking about her knee problem.
ya hor. i forgotten bout my leg.
lol. next week la thenn.
next week go kampar laa.
see laa. ask you to switch to kdu you dont wa.... blablabla..
okay enough laa. *frowns* fine. home then.

i finally gotten ikea hot dog. still missing out on ikea's meatball. pfft.

results seems like it's out. but there's no official results. as in did a get an A or a D.
it says this over at the intranet.

few days ago: you do not have any resit/redo subjects. as per 15th may.
wtf. it's only the 8th!. on the day i check laa

and today: You do not have any credit unit application status. Thank you.

gahhh. sooo explain?

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