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Monday, May 5, 2008

i went schwimming. =)) but that made no difference. the family and me laa of course.. went for dim sum after that. *loves* after dropping everyone home. daddy and i went for a spin. i tell you. that dungu punya guard scare the hell outta me. damn 'the-the'. kns weih.

grocery shopping is even more killing. daddy and mommy was like having a game of hide-and-seek. omg.. pushing the trolley is already bad. plus the crowd. and then seeking for them both. swimming is already tiring and not forgetting that i had dance the night before. but good thing is. loads of free sampling. i likey. heee. met sann's parents there.

i realise there's loads more stuff i needa get before leaving for that slow lazy sub-urban life at the place with a huge pond. not forgetting a place with trees that cant play bollywood. in other words trees with few branches.. dang!

talking bout dance. because i'm going to kampar, *sigh* i cant make it for performance on 1st of june. had to let chai mei take over my place. i'm not saying that she's not good. but i really like that dance and was already in the chosen team. *double sigh* but look at the bright side!. i'm in the less stress team. hah!. which kinda added more. cuz the others was focusing on me during practice.


one utterly outdated post. hee.

i didnt blog about dinner at victoria station sempena my sister's 20th. hee. well it was just a family dinner. took me ages to finish that food of mine. due to the discomfort or braces.

bright bright.

black black.

happy birthday laa women.
the previous photos. is eww. haha. all my photos are getting more and more eww. it's not good.

one more thing..

tat hong n eng eu invited me to maison mardi last friday but i was low on cash and dun really wanna go.. he was using that
'if you go, x will go, then y also will go' technique.
sadly it didnt work. nyeh!

(: end.

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