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Saturday, May 17, 2008

title: butt cracking bone breaking

i just came back from dance. omg la wieh.. nana. i took your place and ahhhh. soo damn tiring. the bruises MULTIPLIED!.
but. damn! .i'm gonna stop dance class already since i'm leaving. sooo gonna miss it. ):

okay enuf of dance..

YESTERDAY was the greatest day among all my holiday days. (:

met up with hong yee and yein mun. haha. went for lunch at dave's since yi ming was working there. but i dont think he did realise us. blehh.

then i had my farewel dinner with the dxy people. view hwee sann's blog for more photos..

this was what we did laa. went for dinner at new paris then yum cha at curve. heaven. i fell in love with that place laa seriously.

dinner. (:

group pic.

our drinks. love potion and jublication.

ms. choo and i. finally seeing her after she went mia due to exams.

me, sann, hui ni and mun yi.

me, mun yi, sian hoo.

eheh. the camwhores.

hui qi, keng chuan and me.

hui ni and i.

mun yi and i. thanks for everthing hun.

guess.. hee.

one thing i just realise. the day before my last trip to kampar i was in heaven. yesterday i was in heaven again. today i went kampar to pay deposit n sort stuffs. omg laa.

i like my room. moving in soon. sooo in other words. i'm leaving next wednesday. haha.

so then. dont miss me.


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