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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

no wayy.

nate and vanessa. (:
nate and blair. AGAIN? ):
chuck and vanessa. ): nooooo...

gossip girl talk. heh. privileged is quite a nice one too.

okay reality check!.

it's pretty much examination period as i'm having my study week. but. i havent been studying much due to the level of procrastination in me. bleh.

27/4- priciples of marketing
30/4- management principles
4/5- quantitative technique II
5/5- Economics
7/5- Financial Accounting Framework II

i've read thru economics and management. not planning to touch on marketing yet.
accounts and QT is my weakest subjects yet overcoming it is gonna take ALOT of effort.


on another note. happy birthday to my sister, and rachel darling and also jing chen. whose party i'm gonna be missing out on.

wish me luck peeps!.

*fingers crossed*

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