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Friday, April 10, 2009


i am having the most dreadful evening ever..

feeling extremely unwell...

'itchy nose' came in the morning. already know it's not a good sign. later in the afternoon migrain came for a visit and decided to stay. therefore took a nap. after the nap, migrain was still there!. but shifted position to the left back part. it was dinner time and i prevented instant noodles to come so had to call delivery. too weak to go out laa.. adidas was with me whole time. thank you adidas! note: it's my pink jacket laaa. dinner arrived but appetite hasnt. ate very little as every spoon in comes out almost instantly. boohoo.. the poor packet of food has to be left untouched..

even panadol didnt help. in fact it worsten. and everything came out. but at least after it worsten, i'm feeling better slightly.

time to hit the hay.
me no likey you, migrain. bleah..

wish you were here.

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