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Monday, April 13, 2009


something is not right.

waking up the wrong side of the bed. checked
wondering why the cleaning lady didnt knock. checked.
thinking it's TUESDAY!. checked.

urgh. what is wrong with me!.
everything seems to be not right. even my brother's complaining about my blog. cuz it just seems. emo. and. he knows i dont like it.
this is probably the place i spill my guts out on everything i'm facing. the people. the family. the friends. the boyf. the everything. walking out my room looking down and black is just NOT me. and i cant have 'i've got a problem' printed on my face. like duhh..
telling them straight at the face is probably the best thing to do and i dont have the guts to do that. prolly that's just the problem i'm facing and learning how to deal with it takes a big part of me. it's time to get a reality check.
i've been telling myself to let it be and i did that. pretty successfully i shall say. *blush* haha.
well that's life. and it's a bitch.

gosh i feel better now. yay!.
i need to focus.!!.
running low on food supply laa mommy.. ): tuna!.
off to class now.

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