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Saturday, July 21, 2007

relief? or perhaps shitty?

hi people..! i know i've been MIA for quite sometime. =)

my mid-terms are finally OVER!. yea mann. had my economics paper today. and i kinda screwed up. graph is like the easiest thing to score and i lost 5 WHOLE marks because i forgotten how to draw that budget constrain graph. damn it.!.

but i'm proud because i sat in class for the whole 1 and a half hour. oh and exam covers lecture 1-7. i only finish READING lecture 7, 8am in the morning. (read thru lecture 3-6 since 5.30am) , when the paper starts at 9. *bangga* after that. straight home and to my bed.

math and public speaking. i kinda screw up anyway.

i'm actually updating this for henry.

yesterday was shzen yee's birthday dinner at laundry. i reach there bout 7.30pm i think with him. =)

the people : shzen yee, tze xian, shin yee, hwee sann, joey, julian, derek, me, shzen's fren *i dont know her name*, sze mun, kheng wei, yein mun, madhi, henry and dana.

henry was sitting the other end of the table. then after that he sat at shzen's place. he said " i visit your blog constantly. " he has to repeat it few times cuz i couldnt hear him. and yes henry i know we were close. but it was noisy then and i'm partialy deaf kay. haha.

so yes.. to henry: i've updated it!. =)

introducing.. *drumrolls... *


i love her. she's my classmates. she can crack jokes anytime anywhere anyone anyday. we went midvalley for transformers n she decided to play this love test machine thingi. she got 'dead fish' on her first try. then my 2 more friends got 'hot stuff' and 'warm'. so she damn dun wanna give up. on her second try, she got 'wicked' n natural reaction. she screamed n all the 15 of us was damn embarassed. oh well.

dear winnee,

i know that you're facing difficult times now.. but glad to see you back at uni yesterday for leslie's birthday celebration. we'll support you no matter what. after everyone's advice you choose to stay with us and finish this sem. goodie!. good to hear you're staying because when you didnt attend class for 2 days the whole class was quieter that usual. so. stay strong. hugz.

thats all folks~

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