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Thursday, July 12, 2007

laa dii dum dum~

after reading Psan's blog.. it totally reminded me that i have 3 more papers to go next week. sh!t..

math on tuesday.
PUBLIC SPEAKING on wednesday
econs on SATURDAY!!..

jeez.. y lar must they have it on saturday.. waste my precious sleeping n leisure time..

daddy will be going maldives again next week. *jealous* i so wanna go but those dum dum exams n classes. sigh.. but daddy's going there for work purpose. i requested for maldive's white fine sand.. dunno if daddy can get it. haha.

obviously i was just kidding bout the sand part. but who knows.. daddy might bring a bottle of it back. lolx.

okay. time to study. i'm getting more n more nerd day after day. oh n . i cant stand this girl in uni.. she dresses the same way EVERY SINGLE day.
flat boots + miniskirt or shorts + huge black n silver stripped bag (of course i dun expect her to change it everyday) + that same style of hairband + same huge hoops earings + 'lala' tops (ie tube n another top over it)..
eww. so memboringkan. everyday same style. n we never see her in long jeans and t-shirt.

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