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Friday, July 6, 2007


okay. i kinda got addicted to that bee-otch thingi after transformers today.. hehe. transformers was nice!!!. i likey.

*more that needs the eye*

i like today. =)

had LOADS of fun. went midvalley with my classy-mateys.. 16 of us.. 10 went in 2 seperated cars. 2 i forgotten how they came. n 5 took lrt.

the ladies.. Shirley Tai, Szuat Li, me, Winnee, Caryn, Grace, Yen Xuan and Jaydee.
*the better version is wid wei keat.*

the mens.. (clockwise from left) Simon, Choon Hong, Choon Hui, Kai Chew, John, David, Wei Keat and Leslie..
*candid shot lar duh*

the drivers.. Kai Chew n Choon Hong.
the absenties.. Shamini, May Chan, Shuei Lin, Shirley Kwong, Hong Zhuan, Khing Ching, Xue Ni and Chia Hui.

we cam whored in and outside McD using wei keat's phone. gossiping bout the stuffies in utar.

we 'seperated' grace n john. =) gave them VIP seats.

after movies, Winnee was like immitating that megatron. some of us was like lets rewatch!! but looking at the que.. nah.. we left..

mid-term is NEXT WEEK!!. and we happily went for mooviess.. =) we're proud of it.

they've even planned for next friday!. it's karaoke. then the following friday harry potter.

everyone like my top especially the Winnee, Szuat Li and Leslie... haha.

it says. 'TWO boyf is better that ONE'

me lovey me classy-mateys.

*will show photos of them after i get new phone.*

thanks for reading.

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