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Monday, September 1, 2008

if' u're already frustrated and do not want to read rants, just leave.

why do i always get this feeling after my parents visit me?
it's like. i want to sleep but i wasnt sleeping. it's more to my eyes are closed but my brain is running. something like dreaming. but not sleeping. everytime they come i'll be supper happy but when they leave, i need like at least 1 hours alone doing nothing before continuing whatever i suppose to do.

maybe you must be thinking..
i'm still in malaysia not like i'm in some other foreign country were everything is new. it's just Kampar. just a bloody 2 hours drive from PJ. it's not a somewhat 2 hours flight or what-so-ever..

izit me or it happens to everyone?
when u're home you feel like getting away, but when u're away you feel like getting home.

i just felt way better!. i love blogging!. <3

gosh. focus!. i need to focus..

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