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Sunday, September 14, 2008

one more week..

i'm gonna be home... (:

home sweet home. <3

in the mean time. i have to figure out how to kill my THREE months. approx 92 days. i'll be working definately.

mom called on friday to let me know of mooncake festival. =.= and they'll be having a gathering with the uncles and their family at our place. AND. i'm not there. ):

oh well. i have my own mooncake here. whee~


my brother and sara decided to keep part of my sunday morning entertained. by telling me what they want from kampar. how cute.


sept 6- english for business
sept 9- managing information
sept 13- quantitative technique 1
sept 15- financial accounting framework 1
sept 18- financial operation institution

i have two more papers to go. monday and thursday. another two more late night and i'm done. cant wait. *screams*

the other 3 paper was alright i guess. at least i manage to finish it. our official drink was redbull and coffee. i choose not to take both. hee. sugar was an alternative.

basically what we all did
- group study after dinner till about 1am
- yum cha
- recharge and study.

the best part about my paper are. it's all in the afternoon.
the not-so-nice part is i have papers even on saturdays. wth rite.


julian's farewell.

sorry ju. couldnt make is cuz i hav a paper the next day.
anyhow. it' was really nice of you to visit us in kampar. although it was exam period. at least. we were able to meet before you leave. hee.

take care there. see you in 1 year time quoted from you. (:


right. i shall get back to accounts.


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