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Saturday, November 17, 2007


the title footprints. is courtesy of a quote from Ronald.

it's a saturday night. for once i'm home.. yea mann!. cant think of when's the last time i'm home on a saturday night..

sitting in front of my mom's laptop. doing web page design's assignment. having practical exam next monday. which is in 2 days time and i'm still confused over which code to use.

kelvin smsed.. n i should have went. boohoo. oh well. i'm home chilling anyway.

next week is week 7.
week 7 = deadly shitass week.

having web page design practical on monday.
piano fundamentals exam on tuesday.
writting for mass comm mid term on wednesday.
nothing on thursday.
nothing on friday.
marketing mid term on SATURDAY!.


grandma has been here since 2-3 weeks ago. mom has terribly random moodswings everyday.
there's no water today. surprisingly. it's quite a peaceful day. lolx.

tze xian's leaving. =( i'm so gonna miss her..

anyway. jerry complained that he cant find a picture of him here.. so then..

introducing jerry!

my super annoying but funny and lame, joker, thinks he can sing real good classmate.

*taken in prince cafe after class*

people are like footprints
they leave nothing but memories.

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