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Sunday, September 20, 2009

clubbing *edited*


clubbing was fun with the girls.
the four of us were much much closer than all times. *love love*

SHUTTER was a nightmare but we girls still manage to have fun with underage looking kids who were actually OLDER than us by a year, pill poppers.. (eww) and and old old uncles!. XD
that's a thursday night. came back smelling like smoke. those uncles and omggggg... HAHAHAHA. the songs. there's hokkein hits, chinese songs, malay songs, indian songs. the only english one we heard was poker face.

friday night was just a typical yum cha session and hang out chill out and talk.

saturday was suppose to be a quiet day. BUT. last minute after dinner.. vincent called us to join them at RUMS JUNGLE.. since the other 3 say okay so on lorr. :D this time yu ping came along. so 5 of us.
RUMS was much much better than SHUTTER weih.. the songs are way better the crowd were much hotter. and and most importantly. LESS SMOKERS.

boy it was fun.

rums was last of the week. enough ddi. HAHA. next time will be on the 28th. or back at kl.

there arent much photos cuz we din bring our phones and camera along.

day 1- Shutter day 2- Rums Jungle

teeth or w/out teeth nicer? HAHAHA!.

*come come me mood. me want you study mood*

have a great weekend peeps.

selamat hari raya!!. (:

note: photos stolen from grace. :D

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