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Friday, September 25, 2009

birthday + surprise + lotsa love..

i have another paper on monday and i should be studying.. BUT..




and the SURPRISES. ♥ ♥

i had a great one although the same day i was having business finance paper. which i screwed up. oh well over ddi. hehehe.

surprise no.1 :

18 stalks of roses. one a day. from the boyf.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH babis and shun yous.
boyf pakat with them thru grace and fb. XD
all of them knew what was happening since stalker rose no.1 and and played along.
i was totally speechless when i found that out.
18 roses for missed birthdays.
emotions were beyond words description..

surprise no.2:

on the 22nd, monienie told say t3 gathering worr. soo. i went. john picked me up cuz it was just a small gathering. we went to westlake side.
when john and i arrive, we both saw cake.
note: john and i share the same birthday. (:
really 1st thing in my mind was 'zomok worrr..'
and the 'nicest' thing was we were decorated with FLOUR + CAN DRINKS.
damn gross kayyy.. bleahhh.
but it was really nice of them.. THANK YOU CLASSMATES.
*no photos on that cuz it was at night and no one took photo.*

surprise no.3:

on the day itself, it was around dinner time..
grace knocked on my door. she accessed my place with her 'spare' key. laughoutloud
'dinner lorr..' so i changed and went down with her.
i went outside and suddenly.

'SURPRISE!!!' *pop* sound of party popper..

i was like.. OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!..
and i teared.
partially cuz i was tired and they really did surprise me. and really touching laaa..

the cleaner haven clean the sparkling ribbons yet. so whenever i walk out the main gate. i smile when i see that. :D

and this came. it's from the boyf. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, love.

pretty ei? hehehehe.. 9 white roses.

and another view...

see its reflection??


surprise no.4:

after dinner, the waitress came out with a cake. (:
my cake. :D yes i was surprised..
cuz i was damn slumber after dinner. damn tired laaaa.. you know.. like um. sit really really low down on the chair, damn lazy and tired look..
and the cake came.


surprise no.5:

boyf called from Rome.

on a very random note..
my current desktop background. daddy's 50th birthday 2 years ago. we all look young then. not that we all grew much anyway. XD


after dinner, kent and i webcam. which i was AGAIN suppose to be studying..

this is them. rayner, julian, tiang, mengyoei and kent. they were playing rummy..

and THIS..
is the people. who i really really am super thankful..
thank you all for what you've all doneee... *hugs and kisses* ♥♥
neo missing.. nvm.. next time take more group photos.

oh oh. not forgetting. TEXT MESSAGES, CALLS AND FACEBOOK wishes..

as an end..

lotsa love,


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