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Saturday, August 9, 2008


I havent been updating this blog of mine. because...

i was lazy. heh.

anyhow anyway.

photos on my weekend 3 weeks ago to celebrate my ex-classmate, Leslie's birthday.

shirley, winnee, me and fei the szuat li. (:

in ikea. shirley, chia hui and wei keat.

moi. on the chair mom wanted to get ages ago.

well. the birthday boy, leslie and sue yong, his girl.
it was fun surprising him as he's the kind that's not easy to be surprised.

us at JAYA ONE after dinner/supper.

we knocked each other when winnee was trying to kiss me. haha. totally candid alright.

us all again. missing a few over here.

it was really fun hanging out with those people. there's loads of funny videos but takes long time to upload. so one day laa. hee..

next up..


it was really fun and relaxing after quantitative technique midterm 2.

our lunch. curry chicken. cooked by winnee's mom. yummy..

us. <3

official fruit of the day. mangoesteen. durian and rambutan is not in the picture.
i ate durian for like 6 days this week. had the best durian ever. so aiyoo. who cares.

us laa. duhh..


next up..


the girls um. for week1 of presentation.

my presentation day. few days ago. (:
chang wei, calvin, me and felicia.

the girls.
chi fong, winnee, me, xiao hui and felicia.

it's been the best week ever because.. i have no more midterms and presentations until finals.. yay!.

the bad news is..

finals is in THREE WEEKS time.

so yeaa..

olympics opening ceremony was god damn cool weih.. seriously fascinating..
the chinese did a good job. *cheers*

it's bloody late now.

good night. hee.

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