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Sunday, September 30, 2007

pain relief..

finally. something to get over the bad stuffs. had a bad week especially wednesday. oh well. what's over let it be over... i cant afford to shed another tear.. because i dont like seeing those huge swollen eyes.

once again. i would like to thank those who sent me birthday wishes and presents.. not forgetting those who came for the dinner.. thou it was kinda boring. sorry.. once again. thanks. =)

anyway. back to the topic.

on saturday. my family n i went to focus point's clearance sale in dataran prima. my sis n bro bought a 190 bucks shades. mine was 90.. boohoo.. but it was hard making decision..

i love today. =) mom decided to treat us all for lunch. inconjunction with my brother's n my birthday. which is 5 days away from mine. we went to shogun. the food was okay. we all had fun stuffing ourselves. hehe.

the bill..

then movie with sann n xian!. gosh i havent seen xian for ages..... good to see her. we watched hairspray. hmmmm. it's not to say great show.. just normal. there's not much of the 'WOW' effect. lol.

after that. the 3 of us went for some shopping. umm.. present hunting actually. but didnt get anything. we wanted to buy the same shirt. we three liked the words on the shirt *loves*. but sann n xian didn't like the cutting of the shirt.

me? i choose to stay single

we had our emo talk too obviously.. thanks for listenning. it was hard then but i still manage to control. *bangga*

gosh. i cant wait till next year. cuz that's when i'll be 18 unofficially. teehee..

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