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Monday, September 24, 2007

it's a holly holiday!.

i'm havin my holidays now.. my exam ended on the 22nd.
hmmm. i'm gonna blog bout barbequeS and dinner n yam cha.

friday. 21st sept.

yes i know i hav exam the next day.. but for julian & kaishan's sakes.. i went for the barbeque at shan's place.. but too bad i had to leave early.. photos will b loaded later. it's in shan's camera.

kaining's, yein mun's, n mine
we werent. wearing orange leggings. it's just the light.

saturday. 22nd!.

i realise i did not bring my exam slip at 130pm!. my mom had to rush to bring me d slip. luckily she was on time. =) then was dinner.. went to jerry's place. wasted bout 1 hour waiting watching some basketballers.. gosh.. barbeque again.. hmm this time it was quite fun when we play truth or dare. i ended up reaching home at 1am.

sunday. 23rd!.
went for sunday class.. got present from hwee sann,joey,tze xian,shzen yee, and sian hoo,mun yi.

a white n pink coloured sling bag from sann and a pair of tortoise soft toy from sian hoo. then went puchong. and lastly. my dinner. i have good friends that practices malaysian timing. hehe.. i got a cup n a head bobbling thing from hong yee n kaining, cookbook from meng wai. lol. julian paid 4 my dinner. n we went foos. a small dinner indeed.


the couple. =)

wan kien.

yein mun.

kheng n i. same coloured top. same phone.

shan n i.


group photo 1.

group photo 2.

monday. 24th.

happy birthday to me.

happy birthday to me.

happy birthday to me..

happy birthday to me. =)

yay! officially 17.

went to work. which i almost fell asleep there.. hehe..

he came after i reach home to pass me my pressie. i white bag and purse. =) white. i like white. hehe.. then my class mates called. so nice of them to call me in d afternoon just to wish happy birthday by passing the phone around. lol. at night went yam cha wid them. ronald couldnt come cuz he has to attend some concert. yea. so then photos will b uploaded later. cuz it's in vin's phone.

the whites.

the pair of tortoise.

the head bobbling thing


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